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Working Papers

The following working papers can be downloaded from the Centre for Competition Website at:



  1. ​Deller, D., M. Giulietti, G. Loomes, C. Waddams Price, A. Moniche Bermejo and J.Y. Jeon (2017), "Switching Energy Suppliers: It's Not All About the Money", CCP Working Paper 17-5
  2. Deller, D. (2016), "Energy Affordability in the EU: The Risks of Metric Driven Policies", CCP Working Paper 16-9
  3. Deller, D. and Vantaggiato, F. (2014), "Revisiting the Regulatory State: A Multidisciplinary Review Establishing a New Research Agenda", CCP Working Paper 14-9


The following reports can be downloaded from the Centre for Competition Policy website at: http://competitionpolicy.ac.uk/publications/reports


  1. Deller, D., P. Bernal, M. Hviid and C. Waddams Price (2017), "Collective Switching and Possible Uses of a Disengaged Consumer Database", report received funding from Ofgem
  2. Lu, L., D. Deller and M. Hviid (2017), "Price and Behavioural Signals to Encourage Water Conservation", a report for Anglian Water
  3. Deller, D. and C. Waddams (2017), "Report into UK Energy Expenditure Shares - A Long Term View", project funded by UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), available at: http://competitionpolicy.ac.uk/research/research-projects/equity-and-justice-in-energy-markets/rp4-energy-expenditures-in-the-long-run
  4. Deller, D. and C. Waddams (2015), "Affordability of utilities' services: Extent, practice and policy", a report for the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE), 21 October
  5. Deller, D., M. Giulietti, J.Y. Jeon, G. Loomes, A. Moniche and C. Waddams (2014), "​Who Switched at the Big Switch and Why', a report for Which?, the UK's consumer association


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