David Deller
David Deller

Journal Articles

  1. Deller, D., G. Turner and C. Waddams Price (2021), "Energy poverty indicators: Inconsistencies, implications and where next?", Energy Economics, 103, article 105551
  2. Deller, D., M. Giulietti, G. Loomes, C. Waddams Price, A. Moniche Bermejo and J.Y. Jeon (2021), "Switching Energy Suppliers: It’s Not All About the Money", The Energy Journal, 42(3), pp. 95-120
  3. Lu, L., D. Deller and M. Hviid (2019), "Price and Behavioural Signals to Encourage Water Conservation: Implications for the UK", Water Resources Management, 33(2), pp. 475-491
  4. Deller, D. (2018), "Energy Affordability in the EU: The Risks of Metric Driven Policies", Energy Policy, 119 (August), pp. 168-182


Working Papers

The following working papers can be downloaded from the Centre for Competition Website at: CCP Working Paper | Centre for Competition Policy


  1. Deller, D., G. Turner and C. Waddams Price (2018), "A Postcode Lottery: Regional Electricity Price Variations for Inactive Consumers", CCP Working Paper 18-10
  2. Deller, D. and A. Fletcher (2018), "Micro and Small Businesses' Satisfaction with the Energy Market: Policy Implications", CCP Working Paper 18-9
  3. Deller, D. and C. Waddams Price (2018), "Energy Affordability in the UK: Corrected Energy Expenditure Shares 1992-2014", CCP Working Paper 18-8
  4. Deller, D. and Vantaggiato, F. (2014), "Revisiting the Regulatory State: A Multidisciplinary Review Establishing a New Research Agenda", CCP Working Paper 14-9


Other Working Papers:

  1. Deller, D. (2011), "Moral Hazard, Optimal Contracting and Strategic Competition", available for download from SSRN 


Many of the following reports can be downloaded from the Centre for Competition Policy website at: Reports | Centre for Competition Policy


  1. Burlinson, A., D. Deller, S. Ennis, T. Tutton and C. Waddams Price (2021), "Cumulative Distributional Impact of Ofgem Policies: Observations and Suggestions from the Centre for Competition Policy", a report for Ofgem
  2. Deller, D., T. Doan, F. Mariuzzo and P. Ormosi (with A. Fletcher and S. Ennis) (2021), "Competition and innovation in digital markets", a report for the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
  3. Markellos, R., D. Deller and S. Ennis (2021), "Draft Innovation Strategy and Best Practice Analysis", a report for HEDNO the Greek electricity distribution network operator
  4. Ennis, S., T. Tutton and D. Deller (2020), "Synthesis of literature on the impact of the UK regulatory model", a report for the UK Regulators Network (UKRN)
  5. Deller, D., S. Ennis, B. Enstone, E. Glowicka, M. Hofmann, R. Klotz, P. Makela, G. Snaith and S. Witte (2020), "Retrospective Evaluation Support Study on the EU Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy Applicable in 2014-2020", a report by the Centre for Competition Policy, E.ca Economics and Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP for DG Competition, European Commission
  6. Deller, D. and S. Ennis (2019), "Review of RPI-X Cost KPI and Exploration of Alternatives", a report for Trinity House, the Northern Lighthouse Board and Irish Lights
  7. Davies, S., S. Ennis, L. Papa, D. Deller and F. Bokhari (2019), "Philippines Manual for Competition Assessment of Regulations", for Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) and the Philippines Competition Commission
  8. Ennis, S. and D. Deller (2019), "Water Sector Ownership and Operation: An Evolving International Debate with Relevance to Proposals for Nationalisation in Italy, a report for the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE)
  9. Deller, D. and C. Waddams Price (editors) (2018), "Fairness in Retail Energy Markets? Evidence from the UK", a report for policymakers from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) research project: 'Equity and Justice in Energy Markets'
  10. Deller, D., P. Bernal, M. Hviid and C. Waddams Price (2017), "Collective Switching and Possible Uses of a Disengaged Consumer Database", report received funding from Ofgem
  11. Lu, L., D. Deller and M. Hviid (2017), "Price and Behavioural Signals to Encourage Water Conservation", a report for Anglian Water
  12. Deller, D. and C. Waddams (2015), "Affordability of utilities' services: Extent, practice and policy", a report for the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE)
  13. Deller, D., M. Giulietti, J.Y. Jeon, G. Loomes, A. Moniche and C. Waddams (2014), "​Who Switched at the Big Switch and Why', a report for Which?, the UK's consumer association


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