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I'm David Deller and this is where I give one of those cheesy accounts of my life.


Let's start with the here and now....I am a Research Associate at the Centre for Competition Policy at the University of East Anglia in Norwich in the United Kingdom. Prior to this I completed a PhD in Economics and was a temporary lecturer at the University of Essex. As for what I like to get up to in my spare time, well, there's my passion for photography and beyond that there's the usual fare: going out with friends, reading and watching films (the DVD collection is getting a bit large...).


I grew up in a village called Hook in Hampshire. Hook is probably most famous for being the place where Mr Burberry (of the clothes fame) lived in a mansion. Summing up the sophisticated and forward looking nature of Hook, and nearby Basingstoke, this mansion was demolished to make way for a car park.


My childhood was fairly conventional; I lived with my Mum and Dad, my sister Rose and Smudge the cat. Smudge has a particularly strong attachment to me which is probably due to the fact that I fed him for the first five year's of his life and hence equal food. In all seriousness I thank all of my family and friends without whom I wouldn't have been in a position to produce this website and all the content on it.


I went to the local state comprehensive school, Robert May's, and then to a nearby sixth form college, Farnborough Sixth Form College. Then it was off to do my undergraduate studies at University College, Oxford. Here my one, tenuous, claim to fame occurred with an appearance on the iconic TV quiz show, well at least amongst certain people in Britain, that is University Challenge. Using the full power of my intellect and august education I was able to answer a couple of questions on conspiracy theory films... and that was about it.


I guess the other slightly different things I've done all relate to flight... I've flown in a hot air balloon which was serene until the pilot attempted to land in a lake(!); I've flown in a 1920s open cockpit bi-plane which is very special as long as you don't think too much about what is holding the plane together (i.e. not a lot!); and once I saw a space shuttle take off.


For now that's probably enough.


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